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Accepted Students: Procedures/Checklist

Congratulations!  You have made it through the acceptance process and will soon be on your way to your foreign destination.  However, there is still a lot you have to do before you leave.  This checklist will help you through the next essential phase.

Many of these steps are time-critical in order to meet deadlines imposed by other offices, your foreign institution and/or the government of your host nation. Please pay attention to the procedures and the deadlines involved.

Continue to complete the "Post Decision" Materials on your Study Abroad Online Application Account.
Failure to do so will jeopardize your participation on Study Abroad!!
Financial Aid Recipients (Important!)
___         If you will require additional Financial Aid to support your studies abroad, please 
               arrangements directly with your Financial Aid advisor before the end of this semester.
Students alone are responsible for ensuring that their Financial Aid package is in place before departure.

____        Study Abroad participants are registered for Philadelphia University  “placeholder” credits (STUAB-300)Outbound students DO NOT register via WebAdvisor. 
                The Study Abroad Office will register you.
___         PhilaU Rome program participants register for their courses in their PhilaU Study Abroad Account
____        All other program: Make your course selection directly with your Study Abroad Program according to their processes. Inform the Study Away Office of any changes!

******All Students: Always refer to the course authorization form (saved on your PhilaU Study Away Account) and the PhilaU "course sheet" to select courses. Any changes from your initial form MUST be sent to the Study Away Office and your advisor to see if you need additional approvals******

All Students (except PhilaU Rome)
___        Finish your External Application.  This varies from program to program, so check with the
               Study Abroad Office if unsure. Our approved programs waive application fees and deposits (not including housing deposits)

               Commit to you program and fill out course registration and housing preferences. Some
               schools (such as University of Westminster) may require a housing deposit directly.
               Other application fees and acceptance deposits are waived unless you have been notified otherwise. Study Abroad will send your
               billable tuition, housing, admin fees, and
insurance costs to the Philadelphia University
 Office for payment by you during the regular billing cycle.  You do not need to pay a deposit with us in advance. However, all Study Abroad balances must be paid
(or accounted for) no later than one month prior to departure.
___         Attend the required student seminar which will prepare you for your overseas
                studies, inform you of procedures, and answer any questions you may have.
                Check your Study Away Account and emails for more information.

___         PhilaU Rome Students only:  You are also required to attend a mandatory visa meeting. Check your Study Away Account

              Read and complete all material from your program on either their website or through their
              email correspondence. They will be communicating with you directly.

___         Apply for/renew your passport! 
For those of you need a visa, we suggest you do this as soon as possible
Passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the return date of your studies.
___         After acceptance to your foreign institution, apply for your student visa
                (if necessary).
O  Students are responsible for ascertaining requirements, applying for, purchasing and
     acquiring their visas and complying with all instructions and regulations related to
     the student visa process.
O  Students going to Italy will be advised of their visa application procedures at their visa
___         Plan and secure your air travel in accordance with the housing, orientation and
               academic schedule of your study abroad institution. Academic schedules are typically
               included in that school’s acceptance literature or from its website. Students are responsible
               for complying with academic calendars and orientation schedules.
               You should wait until your acceptance to your program is confirmed to book any flights. Your program will provide information about arrival and departure.
               Provided minimum numbers are met, a group flight is generally arranged for PhilaU Rome
               program participants and information will provided around the time of the visa meeting in September/April. 
___      PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY HOUSING:  Make sure your housing and meal plan are
             cancelled for your semester abroad.
             Follow Residence Life’s instructions for guaranteeing your place on-campus of your
             on-campus semester.  If you plan to live on campus after you return, you 
must make
             advance arrangements with Residence Life before your departure for studies
Please direct all campus housing matters to Residence Life.
___       Required: Upload copies of your passport, visa and airline tickets/travel dates to
             Study Abroad before departure.
___       Leave a forwarding address with the university mailroom. 

____      Alert your bank/credit card company about upcoming travel.

____      Meet with your doctor to discuss your travel and prescriptions

            Pick your GeoBlue health insurance card from the Study Abroad Office or download it from
   You will receive an email when it is ready.                    
            Register with your travel the State Department's STEP Program at
   Your family can also register to keep informed while at home.