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Info for Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors play an important role in Study Abroad!  Students are required to meet with you as part of the application process to discuss what courses they can or cannot take abroad and what requirements they need to fulfill.  You will be asked to sign the Course Authorization form and the Returning Course Authorization form in order for them to be accepted into their program. Lists of pre-approved courses at our major programs are available at the Study Abroad office for your advisee or you to pick up. Many advisees will also ask you to fill out an online recommendation that needs to be submitted by the application deadline. If you have problems with online submissions, we do accept paper copies as a last resort.

Helpful Hints for Advisors
Your advisee is interested in study should:

-Identify the best term(s) for your advisee to go abroad.
-Review their curriculum checksheet and identify courses that they are allowed to take overseas (or any courses that they cannot take abroad & must be taken at PhilaU). For Hallmarks, most programs have options for Global Diversity, Global Citizenship, Integrated Seminars and Ethics. However, Debating Global Issues MUST be taken at PhilaU. It CANNOT be taken anywhere except at PhilaU. There is not Debating Global Issues course in Rome.
-Tell your advisee about his/her study abroad program options (if your department has specific programs that a student must choose from) or direct your advisee to the Study Abroad Office to learn about their options. Programs that have not been pre-approved require an additional proposal and review by the Study Abroad Committee.
-Tell your advisee to check the Study Abroad Office website at for information sessions, application deadlines and other information.
-Pre-approved course list are available at the Study Abroad Office. The students should bring one to their meeting with you! Here's the lists for the Rome Center (UARC equivalencies Hallmarks 8-16.pdf)
-Students MAY take courses that are not listed on the course sheet. If you student needs or is interested other courses in their program catalog, they MUST request approval from the academic program director or designated faculty who oversee transfer equivalency by providing a course description and/or syllabus.
-Use this sample to review and sign their course authorization form. Incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned to student to resubmit! SAMPLE CAF.pdf

When your advisee is abroad...
-He or she may make changes to their schedule after arriving in the host country and may need your advice on the course changes.  Remember to also refer your advisees to the PhilaU Study Abroad Office, who can work with the students to establish an official course equivalency. Please note that students' transcript will list "Study Abroad" for these courses until their transcripts is processed after they complete the program. This process can take up to 9 weeks depending on the program.

After your advisee's time abroad...
-He or she may contact you asking when their study abroad grades will be posted to their PhilaU transcript.  You can tell your advisee (as the Study Abroad Office already has) that it could take 6 to 8 weeks for the Study Abroad Office to receive the foreign transcript.  When received, the Study Abroad Office will process the transcript and send the paperwork to the Registrar's Office for their PhilaU transcript to be updated.

Study Abroad 101 for Advisors
Feel free to browse our program pages and approved program websites. If you would like to learn more about study abroad and the programs we offer your students, feel free to contact the Study Abroad Office for more information or to schedule an info session for your department/school.  If you are doing a great deal of advising on Study Abroad, we can also provide you access to the SA advising folder. Email your request to