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Travel Registration

Global Enrichment Opportunities

Students traveling internationally on non-credit University-sponsored travel MUST register their travel with the Study Away Office (East Falls) or Office of International Affairs (Center City) prior to departure. Travel to destinations with a Level 3 or Level 4 will require additional review process and may be restricted.

Time frame for registration: At least 8 weeks prior to allow for any additional review and visa processes.
Insurance: Students are required to purchase international travel health insurance through the link provided in the travel registration portal.

    (Jefferson Sponsored travel only)

For group travel or service trips, students (ex. Global Brigades, Midwives for Haiti, etc.) should contact their group leader about process for registering travel and obtaining required insurance prior to completing the form.

IMPORTANT: This travel registry is ONLY for students traveling on Jefferson sponsored activities or faculty traveling with Jefferson student groups. DO NOT register personal travel or FACULTY or STAFF travel for research, conferences, etc.).

Students applying for Jefferson Study Away Programs do NOT need to register program travel or sidetrips. Their Study Away applications serve as enrollment and allows for additional travel registration.

Students applying for Jefferson Study Away Programs do NOT need to register. Their Study Away applications serve as enrollment.

Faculty leading a GEO

(non-credit travel) should follow the guidelines here.

International Students

Students should contact the Office of International Student Programs to confirm immigration requirements.

Students may need official letters to aid in securing visas (Such as Schengen visas for Non-US/Non EU students traveling to Europe). Faculty should contact International Student Programs and Study Away for guidance.


STEP Program

Individuals going abroad are strongly encouraged to enroll in the STEP Program.
For more information, please CLICK HERE.

Register your Trip!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for the Foerderer Award for International Study, please follow the advice from Office of International Affairs. Please make sure to submit your application by searching through the Programs on this site. If you have any questions, please contact