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Accepted Students: Preparing for life abroad

Preparing for Living Abroad: Additional Resources

You'll be getting a great deal of information at your Pre-Departure Orientation.
Always remember to review the Study Away handbook and your program's website and resources
Here are some additional resources that will help you to get ready. Remember that programs and people vary and some advice may be more useful to you than others.

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Communications and computing:
  • Remember that wifi and cellular data reliability can vary greatly!
  • Some helpful applications for smartphone or tablet (remember to use over wifi!): Resources-apps.docx
  • Cell phones: For safety reasons, most programs require students to have cellphone access which can be a local cellphone or local sim card in your unlocked. Some students do pay for international calling plans and data but this can be extremely expensive.

Support Abroad for Students of Color and LGBTQ+ Students
As you prepare to go abroad, it is important to know that we support the diverse needs of all Jefferson - East Falls students. Your host country will have different attitudes, laws, customs related to gender and sexuality and how it is expressed publicly. Your host country will also have different understandings of race, racism, and religion. Your advisors and program, as well as peer mentors and others with in country knowledge are good resources and can help identify safe spaces and supportive communities. Attitudes vary within each country as well, and even across neighborhoods within a city, just as in the US. The staff in the Study Abroad office are available to discuss your concern and support you as you prepare to study abroad. 
Suggested resources:

You can learn more about race, gender, sexuality, and religion in your host culture on the state department’s country specific website and your program's webpage.

Accommodations Abroad:
If you need academic accommodations abroad, please contact the Study Away office and Jefferson - East Falls Accessibility services. We work together with your study abroad program.
Suggested additional resources: (Mobility International USA)

Even if you are not planning on taking a language course abroad, we strongly encourage you to learn essential phrases in your host country's language. It will not only help you learn more about your host culture, but also ease culture shock and help you get assistance if you ever need help!
  • Apps like Duolingo and online dictionaries, podcasts like the "Coffee Break" series from Radio Lingua Network, and phrase books from publishers like the Lonely Planet are great ways to start!
  • Watching movies and TV shows from your host country are another fun way to train you ear and get ready and excited for your semester!

Current Events:
Stay informed with current events through local and international news sources. US print and media sites like CNN, NYTimes and NPR do cover world events with a good degree of detail, but it is important to follow non-US sources to be aware of world opinion and focus.

Pack light! Extra bags and overweight luggage can be expensive and often unneccesary! Packing Suggestions.pdf
Top Suggested: Plug adaptors for you host country, Comfortable walking shoes, waterproof jacket, luggage locks and packing bags
Not recommended: Curling irons or straighteners (will short out electricity abroad)

Health and Safety:
  • Schedule a checkup with your doctor before you go. Talk with him or him about your plans abroad and any additional travel too.
  • Get a full supply of your prescriptions. Remember to carry them with you in their original packaging with a doctor's note
  • Check out the travel insurance website and download the app. Jefferson - East Falls students on most programs use
  • Program emergency numbers in your phone and put any info cards in your wallet.
  • Remember that Title IX travels with you. Additional support and resources are available through ADOVC and SASHAA