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Emergency Contacts

U.S. Emergency Contacts for Use While Abroad

Jefferson East Falls Public Safety and Security 24-hour hotline 1-215-951-2999
Through July 2021GeoBlue/HTH Worldwide Emergency Medical Services3 +01-610-254-8771 (from outside the U.S.)
1-800-257-4823 (from inside the U.S.)
After July 2021 CISI/AXA Emergency Assistance +1 (312) 935-1704 (collect outside US)
1-855-327-1411 (inside the US)

3In a medical emergency, always seek medical care first and then contact insurance provdier  for further assistance. CISI emergency medical services are available to students who are enrolled in the CISI international medical insurance plan while abroad.  Students who are abroad and are not enrolled in this plan will not have access to their emergency services.
In addition to these U.S. based emergency contacts, students who are abroad on a full semester or summer term program will also be provided local 24-hour emergency contact information from their host institution during their arrival orientation.