6437 0 Study Away Essentials 2019: Academics Trying to figure out how to pick courses for your semester abroad and get them approved? We're here to help!! In this workshop, the director of Study Away will help you navigate how to select the courses and programs that you need for your Study Away application, walk you through how find new options and get them approved, and troubleshoot your specific concerns. Bring your laptop! Downs 2 12:30-2 pm. 01/24/2019 147 6438 0 Study Away Essentials 2019: Housing Figure out your on or off campus housing for the semester you plan to be "home" on East Falls and to network with classmates to find potential roommates/apartment shares. Talk with staff from Study Away and Residence Life. Meet us in Downs 2 at 12:30-2 pm! 01/29/2019 147 6439 0 Study Away Essentials 2019: Financial Planning Learn how to make Study Away affordable for you and your budget. This workshop will help you understand the various costs (And sometimes savings!) of studying away as well as ways to plan and save for expenses, cut costs, and apply for scholarships! Meet us in Downs 2 at 12:30-2 pm 01/31/2019 147 6228 0 Follow @studyawayjefferson Follow our new Instagram for awesome student photos and testimonials as well as upcoming events! @studyawayjefferson 119 6433 0 Nexus Abroad (Cuba!) 2019 Deadline Extended to January 11 Expedited application, click through for link to application! Faculty leaders will be available for advising on January 11 from 12:30 to 2:30 in Study Away Office (Kanbar 102). 206